Things To Do in Waterbury CT

Waterbury Connecticut is located in the state of Connecticut, on the west side of the Naugatuck River, about two miles southwest of Hartford. Waterbury is the third-largest city in Connecticut, next to Hartford. Its location is just north of the border of Rhode Island and Massachusetts, so it is easily accessible from both states, even with a boat or plane.

Waterbury Connecticut has a rich history, being one of the oldest cities in the area, and is also considered one of the most important places to live and work. The town was incorporated as a town in 1710 and was then known as “Waterbury”. Waterbury Connecticut was named for the Englishman William Woodbury, who was a landowner and farmer. Woodbury’s name came from his original name of “Waterbury Connecticut” which was pronounced waverstich. Waterbury CT was first settled by settlers who were looking for a place to raise their families.

Waterbury Connecticut is a town of many historical points of interest. This includes the town museum, the Old Waterbury courthouse.

There is plenty of business to do in this small town. The Waterbury Connecticut Chamber of Commerce offers business opportunities, tax information, and a list of current chamber members. You can also check out Waterbury Hospital if you are ever injured while in town.

Waterbury CT is also home to the Waterbury Golf Club. It is one of the most popular golf courses in the U.S. and is just a short drive from the Waterbury CT home. The Waterbury Golf Club is known for having many top-rated courses throughout the year. This includes the Waterbury Country Club.

All of the different courses have their own unique features and charm, but they all offer plenty to keep people playing and enjoying year-round.
The City of Waterbury Connecticut is also known for its many theaters and clubs that are located in and around the town. This includes the Waterbury Palace Theater. The Palace Theater features various plays, and musicals, as well as classic movies and TV shows. It is an amazing place to watch the live performances.

Waterbury is an affluent community located in the town of Waterbury, Connecticut. It’s located about three hours east of New Haven. Waterbury was once a railroad station that served the Connecticut Railroad. There are many museums and attractions in Waterbury. The most notable is the Silas Bronson Library, which houses an amazing collection of history books. If you have any issues in town and are in need of any assistance don’t hesitate to call the Waterbury Police Department.

Waterbury Public Library was created in 1930. It houses a collection of books for anyone who wants to study or research in the area. The Waterbury Public Library is part of the Waterbury Public Library System. The Waterbury Public Library System provides many services including the “Book-a-Palooza,” which include over two hundred and fifty titles, and the “Facts and Fun Facts.” They also offer the “Waterbury Free Public Lectures” for everyone to enjoy. These lectures provide great information and entertainment on topics such as the town’s history. Some of the other services offered by the Waterbury Public Library include the “Waterbury Free Community Guide,” which provides all kinds of information for the community, and the “Waterbury Local Business Directory.” They also have several post offices in Waterbury.

Waterbury Connecticut is a wonderful place to visit and explore. Its quaint little downside feel and friendly people will make you feel welcome and comfortable.

The zip codes in Waterbury are:
06701, 06703, 06705, 06708, 06720, 06722, 06724, 06726, 06702, 06704, 06706, 06710, 06721, 06723, 06725, 06749